The Bakerman is an electronic music project founded on the work and experience of Dj Bugs. Prime characteristic of his production style lies in the traditional deep, funk, dub and electric influences of his teenage years and a constant need of innovation and research of new sounds. Since his childhood, he shows a clear predisposition towards music in all its shades, in particular that of reggae and hip hop, for which he is a meticulous vinyl collector. 

Towards the second half of the 80s, its the advent of a preponderant roman Techno scene, he looks for inspiration in the sounds of Chicago and Detroit and begins his initial phase of music production with the name of Dubword. In the 90s he approaches the world of clubbing and musical experimentation through his DJing experience, establishing his knowledge of the Avantgarde scene as much as that of the mainstream Night club setting. His inspiration derived in part from the electronic music scene of the 80s, in part from the precursors of the Techno sound, namely Aphex Twin and Underground resistance. 

Later on, his sound smoothens down, the beats per minute fall and his music turns hypnotic and penetrating. The Baker Man’s set up consists of the traditional instruments such as the Atari SP which he uses from his very first productions, to the now current, technological softwares like Logic Pro and Ableton, followed by the most recent Synths and Samplers used in modern productions.