Gaiatech project is owned by the italian music producer Simone Mecozzi.
Simone, formerly known as Meko, is a musician, electronic music producer, deejay & creative artist.
He grew up with listening any kind of rock music, loving disco & funk of 70' and electro pop of 80', but also influenced by hip hop, jamaican reggae music and african rhythm' sounds.

He studied guitar, drum & percussions for many years. In the middle of '90, he has been also influenced by Aphex Twin and by the use of Roland Tb303, Reason and Rebirth sounds and so, since 1999, he started to play like deejay with use of vinyls, minidisks and cd's: during the past years, as dj and producer, he played in many parties and festivals worldwide.

in 2015 he founded his own record label GaiatechMusic which brought out other albums called "MagikLand" and "Dreampot Radio", with clear references to earlier styles of music, but with a totally new artistic direction, engaging in a constant research for the past electronic music genres, but with an eye toward the future of sound design researches. Recently he released a new chillout Ep album called: "Selected Ambient Works Vol.1", collaborating on that with other musicians and singers, for a beautiful downtempo album.

At the moment he's working on the next concept album "Tydirium"; meanwhile the study of a new project for the movie picture soundtrack, as well as taking up the Electronic Music Production Courses that he keeps at his studio , as a sound engineer and ghost writer for international music producers. In constant research of new artistic collaborations, he believes and works with other musicians, sound designers and performers from worldwide.


"Full Kontakt [The remixes] (2017)
"Selected Ambient Works Vol.1" (2016)
"Dreampot Radio" (2016)
"Magikland" (2015)
"Progressive Re-Birth" (2012)
"Hope" Ep (2011)
"Relativity" Ep (2010)
"String Dance" Ep (2009)
"Pleasure Planet" Ep (2008)