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Cat N. GTM008
Bundles: Full Album
Format: Wav (Digital Only)

Track List: 01-EgoTrip 02-Dummies 03-Fantastep (feat. Kate Lesing) 04-Nah Go (feat. Bucaneer, Ashanti, Falconi) 05-96 Dub Street 06-Organic 07-Zion 08-Sativa (feat. Ashanti) 09-Iago Lullaby 10-Zion (feat. Bucaneer)

ZION ALBUM BY Gaiatech LANGUAGE: English (American) LABEL: GaiatechMusic EXPLICIT: No COPYRIGHT: © 2021, Simone Mecozzi UPC/EAN 5059713348935 PRIMARY GENRE: Dubstep SECONDARY GENRE: Techno | Dub Techno

ADDITIONAL INFOS: GaiatechMusic is proud to present the new 2021 release. After long time waited, the latest musical effort is finally out! A deep journey through dubstep and techno sounds, mixed with classic dub and electronic atmospheres.

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