The ABLETON LIVE BASIC course is divided into 9 lessons x 2 hours each, both theoretic and practical, on the music style that the student will like to produce. You will learn how to use the program, starting with the immediate creation of your own beat (creation of kick, rhythmic, synth, pads, etc. etc.), which will then be implemented throughout the entire course's duration, up to the realization of an entire song created by the student.
During BASIC course, Live we will be studied for the first phase of creative production.   

For this type of courser does not require any specific knowledge of theoretically and practical music.

General topics:   

  • Introductoduction about the use of computers (brief on operating systems PC / Mac)   
  • Which equipment buy to make music with a computer   
  • The analog chain: from the microphone to the mixer   
  • The Midi protocol 
  • The various sequencers / Daws   
  • How to record digital audio   
  • Hardware systems, software systems   
  • The entire production cycle by the use of computer: from creation to the bouncing.  
  • Produced as an audio CD at home: burning with Toast or Nero 
  • History of electronic music   
  • The new record market   

BASIC course specific topics:   

  • Overview on Live interface   
  • Preferences   
  • Sound libraries   
  • Ordering file   
  • Audio effects   
  • The Midi effects   
  • The Live instruments   
  • Session View / clips   
  • Arrangement View   
  • The virtual mixer   
  • The Piano Roll   
  • Draw automations   
  • Recording Midi   
  • Recording using a MIDI controller   
  • Audio Editing   
  • Sounds mixing   
  • Mixing channels   
  • The mirroring Eq concept   
  • Writing of track on the arrangement view   
  • Transients and cuts   
  • Final song rendering  
  • Mastering in Ableton  


Students can choose the day of classes from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 16.00 (CET). The duration of the course will depend by the student's choices and by the agreements made with the study. 

We offer also possibility to STUDY ONLINE using Skype app and Drop Box account. 

The total cost of this course is € 450.
For groups of two people, the cost drops to € 350 each.

About mode of payments, please visit the COURSES FEES

For more informations , fill out the form below specifying the type of the course required; you will be contacted as soon as possible.  
Or call the following number: (+39) 3294192422 (from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00).

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