The course ABLETON LIVE ADVANCED is divided into 6 lessons of 2 hours each, both theoretical and practical on the kind of music style that the student prefers, and that he/she would like to produce it.
For this second and final creative phase, during the ADVANCED course Ableton Live will be studied in detail, and the use of mastering plugins on Logic Pro X overview. In details we will analyze the Live instruments, the sound synthesis, the various external plugins in use (VST) with the program and all the tricks needed for the creation of a professional-level and creative song impact. Then we will cover the post production and mastering concept done it on the student track with software or reference plugins like iZotope Alloy, Izotope Ozone 9 and Native Instruments. It intends to pay particular attention to this second part of the course for a correct approach to the operating philosophy of Ableton Live and Logic Pro, focused on the final stage, final mixing  and mastering.
Therefore the student will learn to use this software and the Mastering Plugins on their tracks made during the educational path. 

Specific Topics:

  • Sound synthesis
  • Filters and effects Outboards
  • Internal tools Live (Analog, Collision, Drum Racks, Electric, Impulse, Operator, Sampler, Simpler, Tension)
  • The factory Packs
  • Create your own Bass, Kick, Snare, Hat, Pad, Lead
  • The Live MIDI effects in detail
  • The Live Audio effects in detail
  • Multiple groups of instruments and effects
  • The External plugins (VST)
  • Use of Native Instruments plugins
  • Use of external plugins in Live groups and effects
  • Automations in detail
  • How to use the Macros
  • End of your song writing
  • Mixdown & Rendering
  • Mastering and Final bounce using iZotope Ozone 5
  • Use of internal Mastering and Metering  plugins in Logic Pro
  • Final bounce using Izotope Ozone 9 and Rx7 recover
  • Metadata and mp3 Creation


Students can choose the day of classes from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 16.00 (CET). The duration of the course will depend by the student's choices and by the agreements made with the study. 

We offer also possibility to STUDY ONLINE using Skype or Zoom applications. 

The total cost of this course is € 500.
For groups of two people, the cost drops to € 250 each.

About mode of payments, please visit the COURSES FEES

For more informations, fill out the form below specifying the type of the course required; you will be contacted as soon as possible. 
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